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Dojo Etiquette

Discipline in the Dojo (Training Hall) is of paramount importance. Dojo etiquette is a code of conduct essential to the proper practice of Karate Do (Way) – without it their practice becomes meaningless. Self-discipline and mutual respect for ones opponents are essential to safe practice. Please carefully observe the following procedure in the Dojo.
  1. On entering or leaving the Dojo (Training Hall) Bow (Rei).
  2. On greeting ones Sensei (Instructor) or training partner Bow and say Auss (Oos).
  3. Before entering any training or contest area for competition always bow at the perimeter before advancing or leaving the area, being careful to enter from your own side never cut across the contest area (Shai Jo).
  4. Students must keep their bodies clean, nails must be kept short, Karate suits (Gis) should be clean and well pressed.
  5. Smoking and swearing in the Dojo is at all times forbidden.
  6. Any person who presents themselves for training and has been drinking alcohol or under the influence of Drugs will be asked to leave the Dojo.
  7. No talking in the Dojo is permitted during training unless it is absolutely necessary. Carrying-on is not allowed as it leads to injury. Remember how hard you train directly affects others around you. Also, improvement in Karate can only be achieved through much effort and perseverance.
  8. Students make every effort to attend classes on time.
  9. Students should do their utmost to carry out the training as laid down by their Sensei (Instructor).
  10. Make a habit of visiting the toilet before training. This is especially important for children.
  11. Never use your Karate skills outside the Dojo, except in the defence of yourself or your family, and only when there is extreme danger which cannot be avoided.
  12. Do not be a bully inside the Dojo or outside.
  13. Never lean against the walls or sprawl about the Dojo floor. Always sit upright cross-legged. If you are waiting to train with a partner do not stand about or sit down but train in a similar manner to the rest of the class.
  14. Do not leave the Dojo during training without your Instructors permission as, should you be ill, your Instructor requires to know.
  15. Any form of footwear is prohibited whilst training unless there is a good medical reason, and of course if your instructor allows them.
  16. As soon as the Instructor enters the Dojo students will line out in the manner appropriate, or if the Instructor is in the Dojo and commands line out, do it as smartly as possible.
  17. The senior grade present in the body of the class shall, as soon as everyone is in position, call Seiza (Kneel). The class shall then kneel in unison (Instructor must kneel first), left knee first keeping the back straight, then on the right knee and finally sitting back on the heels with the palms of the hands resting on the inside of the thighs.
  1. a)   On the command “Mokso” the hands shall be cupped, left hand on top, thumb tips together and with the eyes closed the students will compose themselves for the forthcoming training.b)    On the command “Yame” the eyes are opened and the hands returned to the thighs, palms down. On the command “Rei” the class shall place their hands on the floor and bow (the Instructor first and then rise first) in unison for about three seconds. They shall not rise before the Instructor as this is a breach of etiquette. The class will then rise with the Instructor first to commence training.
  1. Any member arriving after training has commenced shall execute a kneeling bow at the edge of the training area, facing in the direction of the Sensei, before joining the class, and shall do an appropriate warm-up then join the training.
  2. Any student wishing to leave the class early shall not do so until they have received the Instructors permission. On leaving the class early the student will perform a full kneeling Rei (Bow) at the edge of the training area nearest the door.
  3. When training with a partner both shall bow simultaneously before and after each section of training.
  4. Finally, remember the Dojo creed:-

Humility, Sincerity, Respect, Purity, Endeavour, Honesty, Patience.


Sakai Karate club is a family orientated Martial Arts Club in Kilmarnock teaching Karate to Adults and Children. Our Dojo is ran by two Scottish National Coaches. We offer friendly but challenging fun with our varied Karate classes.

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