Grouger Road, Crookedholm, Kilmarnock, KA3 6LD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I Join?
A. Phone text  Facebook or email for information,or check website for times and venues and contact one of us for information or fill out our enquiry form  .

Q. Do I have to sign a contract for payment?
A. We work on a monthly Standing order basis  and is not a contract

Q. Do I have to buy a Karate suit right away?
A. No, Jogger bottoms and tee shirt are suitable to start

Q. What age limit is there?
A. No age limit anyone of any age can take up Karate.

Q. What is the youngest age I can enrol my children at the club?
A. Sakai Karate Club can take children from the age of 4 years.

Q. Do I have to be fit to take up Karate?
A. You do not have to be fit to take up Karate as the training will give you the fitness you will require,you should be in good health ,if you have an illness or disability ,let the Instructor know, as medical proof may be required to participate,as some karate movements may aggrevate some medical conditions.

Q. Can I enter competitions?
A. Yes we are actively involved in competitions,at Club,Domestic, National and International  Level.

Q. Do I have to enter Competitions?
A. No Certainly not you do not have to enter Competitions,you can train to keep fit,keep healthy Learn self defence,more confidence ,Meet people .

Q. How often will I be graded?
A. You wil be graded if you are regularly training and you attain the required level and the Instructors think you are ready ,normally two to three times a year

Q. Is Sakai in membership of the Scottish Karate Governing Body?
A. Yes Sakai are full members of the Scottish Governing Body Karate Scotland

Q. Are Sakai Coaches recognised by the Governing Body?
A. Yes all coaches of the Sakai are recognised by the Governing Body (Scottish Karate Governing Body) body and are fully insured, Disclosure Scotland checked,and have attended all coaching courses as laid down by (S.K.G.B.)Karate Scotland .and are fully Insured( Professional Indemnity)


Sakai Karate club is a family orientated Martial Arts Club in Kilmarnock teaching Karate to Adults and Children. Our Dojo is ran by two Scottish National Coaches. We offer friendly but challenging fun with our varied Karate classes.

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