Grouger Road, Crookedholm, Kilmarnock, KA3 6LD

David Coulter

David Coulter 8th Dan M.B.E is the Chief Instructor of the Sakai Karate Club. He began his Karate journey in 1969 at the Kisan Karate club in Kilmarnock with John Kerr (who has since passed away).

He then moved to the Kobe Osaka Karate Club in Glasgow in 1974 where his instructor was the renowned Tommy Morris. Dave later opened a branch of Kobe Osaka with Ivy Rennie. In 1979 Dave left the Kobe Osaka Club and in the same year founded his own club naming it the Sakai Karate Club after an area in Japan.

Scotland national karate team coach.

Kris Coulter

Kris Coulter 6th Dan is the Assistant Chief Instructor at the Sakai Karate Club. W.K.F Coach.

11 times Scottish Champion
7 times British Champion
10 times Scottish Team Champion
Commonwealth Silver Medalist

Kris is available for Personal Training

Scotland national karate team coach.


Sakai Karate club is a family orientated Martial Arts Club in Kilmarnock teaching Karate to Adults and Children. Our Dojo is ran by two Scottish National Coaches. We offer friendly but challenging fun with our varied Karate classes.

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